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About SME

Sustainability Middle East (SME) is a new platform drawing on years of experience in the sustainability arena, specifically in the Middle East.
Our aim is to bring new energy to the sector, with a threefold mission to:
  1. Inform the Middle East region with regard to the latest developments in sustainability
  2. To be a core driver of positive change
  3. To be a pioneer in bringing together key voices from academia and business to create a cleaner, greener, and happier Middle East region
SME aims to achieve this mission via a range of interactive publications (both digital and in print), daily news and insight, unforgettable industry-leading events, and special seminars.
Transportation and technology concept. Shipping industry. Marine radio. Smart logistics.
A truck-shaped lake in the midst of pristine nature, illustrating the concept of clean, greenhouse-free transport in the form of electric, hybrid or hydrogen propulsion. 3d rendering.


SME has a unique place in the sector and region as the team behind it has extensive experience in both.

Firstly, SME is an offshoot of CBM Media Group, a Dubai-based publisher and 5-star events company known for producing the highly esteemed transport and logistics title Transport & Logistics Middle East (TLME), as well as a string of highly successful events such as The Transport & Logistics Excellence Awards, Future of Logistics Conference & The Transport & Logistics Innovation Awards in Dubai.

With this backing, SME already has a deep understanding of the importance, power, and potential of sustainable developments as transport and logistics is innately tied to this core issue, meaning that SME already works with several big industry names and renowned academics on green-related matters.

Secondly, SME management has prior experience in running industry-leading sustainability-focused titles, while fostering an international editorial team with experience writing on sustainability for a number of years, as well as hosting events in this specific area.

Industry Sectors We Cover

  • ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance)
  • Technology & Digital Innovation
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Lifestyle & Fashion
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Business & Commerce

SME News Service

The SME News Service blends a mixture of cutting-edge breaking news alongside more in-depth thoughtful industry insights written both in-house and via interviewing and liaising with key industry figures.

The aim of the news service is to be a one-stop-shop for all sustainability needs in the Middle East region, an online home where users can sharpen up on the latest goings-on, find industry specific insight and content, and discover the ‘movers-and-shakers’ of the contemporary sector.

SME Newsletter

The news service will work alongside our regular newsletter that will provide the free service of highlighting and sharing the most important news, stories, and insights from the sector.

As well as the aforementioned content, it will also be a place to find exclusive video content and event detail, rendering it the premier newsletter in sustainability in the Middle East.

The newsletter will cover all the aforementioned sectors and boast a circulation of 50K from its very first edition due to the broad network of CBM, the contacts already acquired, and the interest already shown by regional figures.

SME Magazine

The SME magazine is a bi-annual publication that offers exclusive insights, interviews with industry leaders, and academic papers from key industry voices alongside comprehensive overviews of the major sectors in the Middle East.

The magazine is an amalgamation of the very finest insights and industry figures, making it very exclusive to be featured in, as well as a must-have for cross-industry executives, sustainability specialists, and those who want to get the most decisive scoop on sustainability in the Middle East.

The magazine will inform, educate, and pioneer conversations, allowing thought leaders a platform to shape the future of key sectors of industry and sustainability itself. CBM Media is experienced in building industry-leading titles, meaning this publication offers companies, academics, readers and more an optimal arena to discover the truth and vision of the future.

SME Conference

Sustainability Middle East (SME) is to launch a new industry-leading conference on sustainability entitled ‘Leaders in Sustainability’.

The conference, which is to be held in Dubai, UAE, will see the leading voices in business, academia, governance, and media join together to tackle the climate crisis together via a series of roundtables, presentations, debates, and brainstorming sessions.

Given the event is to launch with the magazine of SME’s inaugural title, Leaders in Sustainability, the conference will see figures from the ‘Leaders in Sustainability’ campaign attend and take part in debates as regional and global experts.

The conference will also be attended by a selection of regional VVIP’s, business leaders, academics, and government officials.

SME Awards

The SME Awards are here to inspire, recognise and celebrate the individuals, companies, and thought leaders who are taking the sector to new heights.

CBM Media, the mother-company of SME, is highly experienced in bringing industry-leading awards to the region after holding several high-profile awards ceremonies with Transport & Logistics Middle East, SME’s sister brand.

In utilising this expertise, the SME Awards will provide a blend of celebration, networking, and esteem to those who most deserve it; the people and companies who are building a better tomorrow.